Rabu, 02 Juli 2008

You will always be there

When you will go to your last trip,
At the time of end, at the dusk of your life
I congratulate you on a beautiful life
Where joys and sorrows were sometimes combined.

I will not see you more, yet you'll be there,
True as a shadow, attached to your steps.
I will remember you everywhere
My hand is in your hands

You always be a flower in my memory
In the warmth of the evening, when the cool breeze blows
And I speak and sings into the wind,
To bid you farewell

You will always be there when night falls
The light in the night
If I close my eyes, I'll hear your voice
Today and tomorrow, You will always be there.

My greatest gift of all

Now you are the wind that blows over the ridge
You are the river running and never subside
Or perhaps a tree that is well anchored by its roots
Or even a red cloud when the day turn to dusk
You're always be in my heart
And you always be
You are not dead because you're everywhere with me
Here and there, deep in my heart

You are the lullaby of my sleep
And the dream that liven up my sleep
As the sand that runs between my hands
You're parted but still I want you
You are the wave that will break the cliff
The sun, the rain, is now your home
You are not dead because you're everywhere
Here and there, but especially in my heart

This will be the day when I will let you go
This will be the day that your memory will be eternal
When acceptance slowly heal the wound
I am grateful for the time spent with you
My greatest gift of all

Funeral Poem for School Child

The whole world was there
All had come just for you,
To show you that we do love you

Your classmates were present
For in their memory you were great
On this day of Wednesday
There were all your friends

You suddenly disappeared
Hidden behind small flowers
Surrounded among your friends

To prove that you are in their hearts
They bring you flowers
To attend to this last farewell
the memory of your life, will continue for them

Your family is sad
But they are relieved that you live in a better place
To continue your wonderful live
you will remain forever engraved in their heart

From there you'll see that
Everybody loves you
Only one our last request
Please smile forever for us

Pure Heart in the Winter

More of a pure heart than a night where gold turn to rust
More of a pure desire seduced by the stars
A marble heart of a slow breath
A column where the gold stars shines.

The memories of joy and happiness
Your loss is just like old sails forgotten by ocean
The heart, the pink ice of sorrow
A brave soul in heavy waves with long black robe of mourning.

He died with an eternal happiness.
His vision down in the winter,
Descend into snow and beautiful sleep

Ecstasy is returning and the stars are happy
Following him into the deserts where the scene is revealed

The deadly silence of the mourners.
Is a start of eternal happiness for him

The caresses of eyes

The caresses the eyes are the most adorable;
They bring soul to the limits of being,
And delivering secrets otherwise ineffable,
In which only the bottom of my heart may occur.

The kisses are the most pure coarse with them;
Their language is stronger than any words;
Nothing that he does things immortal
Who goes through moments in our beings frivolous.

When age has aged mouth and smile
Of the crease was slowly filled with sadness,
They keep their life clear with tenderness;

Write for consolation,
They have the sweet enthusiasm and charm!
Don't be sad, because they go to a place better than earth

Life is just a dream

Everything is open here as low as its vain appearance,
What gives wisdom is led by fate,
It goes up and down with such effort,
Without ever meet the condition of consistency.

What awake and sleep have so little differences,
Grand master in the art of love, you are very well in it
By appointing sleep image of death,
The life and sleep are just the same.

As we dream in our bed, a dream home,
Hoping without success, and fear without reason,
Return one day to our beloved home

Working with pain and sacrifice without recognition
O death, what is this life?
This is a dream which lasted a little more than a night.

Funeral Poem for couples

Look at them go, these couples are eternal
In the arms of one another arms around a while,
All before ever mingle with their dust,
Do the same oath:

Always! A bold word that the heavens as they age
With astonishment intend to impose,
And to repeat lips that fade
And who will glaze.

You who live so little, why this promise
That momentum hope tears to your heart,
Vain challenge that none you throw in drunkenness
In a moment of happiness?

Lovers around you a voice inflexible
Cree to anything that arises: "Love and die here on earth!"
Death is implacable and the sky insensitive;

Well! as necessary, without trouble and without murmurs,
With that same love with which you drunk
And lost in the bosom of the immense Nature,
Love then, and die!

No, not everything is said to the fragile beauty
When an invincible charm outweighs the desire,
Under fire with a kiss when our poor clay
A shivered with pleasure.

Our oath sacred part of an immortal soul;
She moved shiver when the body;
We hear his voice and the sound of his wing
Until our transport.

We therefore repeat that word which is envy
the firmament the stars bright,
The word that joins the hearts and becomes, once life,
Their link to the heavens.

In the rage of an eternal embrace
They spend trained, these couples in love,
And do not stop to throw with fear
A look around them.

They remain calm when everything collapses and falls;
Their hope is their joy and support divine;
They do point where tripping against a tomb
They struck up a path.

when your wooden house is so beautiful,
When your flowers blooms
Nature, you are our mother, what would make you smile
If they died whole?

Under the veil light of the deadly beauty
Find the soul that we seek
The time of promise, exclaim: "That's it!"
And losing it immediately,

And losing it forever! That thought alone
Change spectrum to our eyes the image of love.
What! these wishes infinite, this hard senseless wishes
To be a one-day!

And you, would you be, therefore at this point without entrails,
Great God who must top all hear and see everything,
That so many farewells and so many funerals

That this dark tomb where we do you get off
You say: "Keep them, their cries are unnecessary.
in vain we cry over their ashes;

But no! God we say good, you would hope that;
Uniting to separate, this is not your purpose.
Everything that has loved, even for one day on earth,
Will love in your womb.

Eternity human illusion! chimera!
Lie of love and human pride!
It has been a point yesterday, this ghostly ephemeral,
It needs a tomorrow!

For this flash of life and for that spark
Who burns a minute in your hearts surprised,
You suddenly forget the mud maternal
And your destiny confined.

O daring dreamers
Only the power that destroys fatal creating?
Leave such a hope; all are brothers
In the face of nothingness.

You say the night as it passes through its sails:
"I like, and I hope to see your torchlight expire."
Night does nothing, but tomorrow's stars
Be happy on your graves.

You think love whose fierce fire you press
A reserved for you the flame and its rays;
The flower that you break sighs with drunkenness:
"We, too, love!"

Happy, you want the great soul invisible
Who fills all, woods, fields his enthusiasm;
The Nature smiled, but it is insensitive:
What are your joys him?

It has only one desire, the cruel stepmother immortal
It is always bear children without end, without truce
Mother hungry, it took forever for her,
And leave you dead.

All his pension is for what will be born;
The rest is confused in a Supreme oblivion.
You, you liked, you can disappear:
His wish was fulfilled.

When a breath of love through your breasts,
On the waves of happiness you taking suspended,
At the foot of Beauty when divine hands

When pressing on the heart that will soon extinguished
Another object suffering form vain here,
It seems fatal, that you are going to embrace
The Infinity in your arms;

These delusions sacred these desires without measure
in your flanks as ardent swarms,
This transport is already Humanity future
Who agitated in your breasts.

It will dissolve, this slight clay
What moved a moment of joy and pain;
The winds will disperse this noble dust
Who was once a heart.

But other hearts born who revere bravery
From your dashed hopes, your love extinguished,
your tears, your dreams, your flame,
In ages distant.

All beings, forming a chain eternal
To pass, running the torch of love.
Everyone quickly took the torch immortal
And it makes a turn.

by the brightness of its light,
You swear in the night when the fate you swam,
To keep it always in your hand dying
It already escaped.

At least you shine a light flash sublime;
It has crossed your life a time;
In fall you can bring into the abyss
Your glare.

And when he prevail on the merits of peaceful sky
An be ruthlessly those who suffer,
If his eye eternal considers impassive
The birth and death,

On the edge of the grave, and under this same light,
That movement is a love for you
Yes, see how humans is high in love
And God forgive!